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Articulated is an arm type control for swing gates

  • InsideofR3r3-r51 3X4


    The R3 rotary arm swing gate motor remains the logical choice for applications where the gate pillar is very wide and will not accommodate the VECTOR2 linear drive system. It can handle domestic gates up to 3.5m wide per leaf weighing no more than 150kg.  
    • Battery backup
    • Full position control
    • Safe and quiet functioning
    • Fast and smooth operation
    • Multiple programmable features
    • Master motor with integrated controller and PSU
  • NET24N_C-300x300DEA_Livi2

    DEA Livi 502 24V DC Articulated Arm

    LIVI 502 is the range of collective / industrial swing gate arm motors ​for leafs up to 4.5 mt, available in 230V and 24V. LIVI 502 operators are strong and reliable and allow a compact installation thanks to the possibility of mounting the limit switches (optional) inside and turning the operator position by using the vertical fixing plate (optional).  


  • GEKO

    DEA GEKO 24V DC Articulated Arm


    Electromechanical arm operators for residential swing gates

    GEKO is the residential swing gate arm motor for leafs up to 2 mt, available in 24V. GEKO operators are provided with built-in control board with integrated 433 MHz receiver. Possibility of installs 2 operators with a single control board. Reliability and safety characterize this operator conformable with the European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 thanks to the presence of the encoder.
    • Integrated mechanical limit switches that permits to eliminate the ground stops
    • Available with articulated or sliding arm
    • Possibility of installing on doors in slope by using the adapter kit (optional)