Centsys D10Turbo Control Board


Using CENTSYS’s D10 Turbo Controller proven 24V DC technology, this is the complete solution for commercial and industrial gates up to 1000kg.

Centsys D10Turbo Control Board


Using CENTSYS’s D10 Controller proven 24V DC technology, this is the complete solution for commercial and industrial gates up to 1000kg.
A rock-solid die-cast aluminium gearbox and reliable battery backup make the D10 ideally suited for complexes with large gates and high traffic volumes, while an intelligent LCD controller with multiple Modes of Operation makes setup and diagnostics veritable child’s play.
This CENTSYS D10 Controller works with D10 TURBO SLIDING MOTOR.


Main Features

  • Fully-sealed plastic housing for controller to prevent ingress of dirt and insects
  • Easy setup of controller using LCD interface
  • Removable connectors on controller for easy maintenance
  • Watchdog IC ensures full and safe operation of controller
  • Optional Backup Memory Module allows backing up of all the information that has been set up in the system
  • Opening and Closing Safety Beam inputs with beam circuit functional test
  • High-security cleared beam Autoclose, in conjunction with Safety Beams (PIRAC)
  •  Break-in and Ambush Alarm (a world first) with configurable outputs via onboard buzzer, Pillar Light Relay, etc.
  • Multiple Modes of Operation: Standard Mode, Condominium Mode (multi-user), Reversing Mode, PLC and Deadman Control Mode
  • Automatic closing with adjustable time delay, and push button override
  • Remote gate-status indicator (gate position, power failure,low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light Statusindication)
  • Pedestrian Opening
  • Free-exit facility
  • Holiday Lockout – configurable as Emergency Stop
  • Courtesy/Pillar Light (fixed duration), with pre-delays and two Pre-flashing Modes
  • Multiple Operating Profiles to suit region of installation – select between ZA, CE, etc.
  • Full configuration of gate operating parameters, including independent gate opening and closing speeds, ramp-up and ramp-down distances and crawl speed
  • Positive Close Mode (e.g. ensure activation of electric fence contact switch)
  • Onboard multichannel CENTSYS code-hopping receiver with the ability to:
• Learn transmitter buttons to specific functions (e.g. Gate trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Free-exit, Pillar Light Control, Holiday Lockout)
• Selectively delete specific transmitters that have been lost or stolen
• Automatically learn transmitters into the system (Autolearn)
• Automatically delete transmitters that are no longer in use (Delete-Not-Present)
  •  Integrated ChronoGuard (a world first) with Real Time Clock and Calendar timer offering multichannel time-activated and time-barring functionality
  • Auxiliary output can be configured via the ChronoGuard timer to provide timer functionality to external devices, such as security lights, entrance fountain, etc.



Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 11 × 16 × 4 cm