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What is our Rackless Sliding Gate system?

In short, a rackless sliding gate is an automatic sliding door, gate or screen with no rack!

How do we achieve this?

We use a custom made direct drive motor system, where the motor is inside the frame. Batteries, control board, receiver are also all located inside the bottom frame. When the gate is in the closed position, through charging points, the batteries receive charge to power the system. This can also be setup to charge in the opening position. We fit a lock in the closed position to prevent forced entry. We can connect sensors/accessories as per any other standard automatic gate by setting up a wireless network for communication.

 This type of system has some serious advantages over traditional rack and pinion type setups:

  1. Aesthetics – No visible rack. Seamless front and back
  2. Safety – Photocell sensors can be connected to the system. If they are not, and the gate hits an obstruction, the motor wheel will slip, effectively acting like a clutch. Also no risk of anything being caught between the rack and pinion.
  3. Telescopic – Possible to have multiple panel systems, and the ability to select which door leads (where rack type systems the rear door must link to the motor)
  4. Can be used for automatic sliding doors, automatic sliding gates, automatic sliding screens, automatic sliding skylights, automatic sliding pool covers, automatic retractable roofs, automatic trap doors, automatic sliding glass doors and more…

We can work in with your existing plans, be that through your architect and/or builder. We can also help with the design of your system and come up with a solution to your particular problem.