Electric Swing Gates


Swing Gates

Electric swinging gates are a popular option when installing new automatic gates. Swing gates generally swing in to the property but can swing out provided you have the necessary room ( You cannot have gates swing out on to public access areas)

Swing gates also tend to be quieter than say sliding gates and generally require less maintenance than sliding gates. Swinging gates can certainly add to the appeal of any property but may not suit everyone. If for example you live in a high wind area you may want to consider sliding gates if space allows.

Other factors that may influence your decision when deciding on the type of gates to suit your property and lifestyle is the size of your property, the slope of your land, safety concerns and noise.

Here at Gatepower we like to help so please feel free to ask us for advice on what your options are and what might work best for you. As we manufacture as well as install and maintain existing gates you can feel comfortable knowing you are teaming up with industry leaders and qualified tradespeople.

Why not take a moment to check out a small sample of hundreds of swing gate installations carried out by Gatepower.  See electric swing gates gallery