About us

Gatepower was founded in 2011 and specialises in the fabrication, installation and automation of automatic gates, boom gates and architectural fencing & screens. We have extensive experience, and dedicated facilities that allow us to deliver at the highest standards. Gatepower Pty Ltd is a fully insured registered (limited) builder with the VBA (CDB-L 70993)
** Limited to the construction of gates and fences.

Our gates are all fabricated inhouse, and we have the ability to produce anything from high end architectural – commercial – heavy industrial.

We use known and branded gate automation products

Some of our suppliers include BFT, FAAC, Centsys, ATA, DEA, SEA, Nice/GDS and Elsema. When it comes to gate automation, you get what you pay for with your products. We like to think of automation hardware and accessories in the same vein as ‘horses for courses’. We will always select what we believe to be the best motor approach for each individual job. Certain motors/brands are best suited to certain applications. We have extensive experience and trust with the brands we use.

We guarantee our labour, though also our products. Anything we install, we back the product. Any warranty issues will be fully fixed by gatepower. We will sort out any warranty covered parts directly with our suppliers after your gate is operational again, ensuring as smooth a process as possible for the customer. We need to ensure we use the best product(s) available for each specific job to ensure minimal risk of call-backs.

Gatepower have dedicated office staff covering quoting, drawings, and general office admin to ensure a high level of communication, which translates to the customer getting exactly what they think they are. Detailed drawings are provided for approval for all fabrication work. Our factory has dedicated fabricators, CNC operators and powdercoater’s.

Some people ask how our facilities relate to them?
There are two main reasons


It is not uncommon for our jobs to require custom fabrication, multiple types of CNC work, powdercoating. Allow around 1-2 weeks for each process if you are outsourcing, and a job you need done quickly, will not happen in your time frame. We can fix any unforeseen issues on the same day. You will not hear us blaming other companies for time blow outs. Gatepower can get the job done faster than our competition. No other company specialising in Automatic gates, has the facilities to match.

Quality Control

Because everything is done in house, we can ensure the standards are high at every stage. Fabrication, CNC work, powdercoating and installation are all completed by our staff. The majority of the jobs we fabricate require no outsourcing. We have specialists involved with every step of your job. You will not hear us blaming a poor end product on another company.

We are well equipped to cover your fabrication requirements. Some of our in-house equipment includes:

CNC Panbrake

For metal folding. This gives our work a real professional angle. Gives us the ability to fold all sorts of custom trims, boxes etc.. to suit your custom job, fast!

CNC Router

For machining Aluminium, Timber and various Plastic’s. Again, if something custom is required in those materials, we have the ability to get it done, precise and fast!

CNC Plasma

For precise cutting of metal plate and sheet metal. For any custom sheet work, sheet designs, slotting and custom plates and brackets to suit each individual job, fast!


Coloured coating of metal. We have the ability to powdercoat gates in-house over 12m long, and over 3m in height. A real positive to having this in house is quality control.

We have all the other tools and machinery required to ensure your product is produced to the highest standards, without cutting any corners. Quality pulse MIG welders ensuring a quality weld finish, JIB cranes to assist us in manoeuvring large gates and panels, specialised metal cutting and drilling equipment etc..

For a quality product, with each individual step met with the highest possible standards