All CENTSYS products are manufactured with extreme care, thoroughly inspected and tested.

The goods supplied by CENTSYS shall be subject to the provisions of sections 55 to 57 of the Consumer
Protection Act (68/2008) except where the provisions of the warranty contained in the CENTSYS product
documentation are more favourable to the purchaser. Subject to the warranty contained in the CENTSYS
product documentation, if applicable, CENTSYS products are warranted for a period of twenty-four
months after delivery. However, it is expressly noted that batteries carry a six month warranty due to
the nature of these products being such that they are subject to possible misuse. For equipment not of
CENTSYS’s manufacture the warranty as supplied by the original manufacturer will apply if such warranty
is more favourable to the purchaser than the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (68/
2008). Such warranty is valid only once full payment has been received for such goods.

Any warranty may be voidable on any equipment which:

We will not be liable under this contract for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents
in circumstances where:


Repairs and Servicing – Terms and Conditions


All CENTSYS products are of the highest quality, completely reliable and rarely need to be returned for repair. In the case that repairs do need to be made, please send them back to 110 Sundance Way, Runaway Bay 4216 Queensland

All CENTSYS products that are brought in for repair are serviced with extreme care, thoroughly inspected and tested.

All repairs are subject to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (68/2008), and are warranted against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of three months from the repairs’ invoice date. Repairs to goods within the normal two year warranty period are warranted for the unexpired portion of the original product warranty, otherwise a three month warranty from the date of repairs, which ever period is greater and more beneficial to the customer will apply.

All other conditions of our warranty on the purchase of a new item, as per our standard terms and conditions of sale, will apply, i.e. a repair will not influence the original warranty.

We have a large team of dealers and installers in all major centres throughout Australia who are able to offer a repair service onsite. All repairs or services on mechanical operators will be quoted and then authorised by the client before commencing with the repair. Spares are shipped out within 24 hours of being ordered – except Sundays and Public holidays.

Electronic circuit boards or devices will typically be exchanged with service exchange items. These items will be charged at an exchange price when the faulty items are returned, and must be in a repairable condition.

Products found to be damaged beyond economical repair will need to be replaced with new items once the quote has been approved by the client.

Any circuit board or operator that was only tested, and not repaired, will NOT result in the guarantee period being extended, where applicable.

Warrantees on any repair will not apply to any product which:

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that ALL items handed over to CENTSYS Systems for repair, are correctly specified on the Service Notification or Goods Receipt Voucher, whichever is applicable.

Items not collected within three months will be sold to defray costs. This applies to all items that have been repaired and are ready for collection, items awaiting quote approval and items where the quote has been rejected.

To confirm ownership, clients must present the original Service Notification Email or Goods Receipt Voucher when collecting their repairs.

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6.1 Since products such as photocells, remote controls and other accessories undergo more wear and tear than other products, DEA SYSTEM warrants the absence of any vices and/or defects in the above mentioned products for 24 months as from the manufacturing date, to be proved by a valid tax document carrying the data of the purchased product and by the label pasted to each product bearing the code and the manufacturing date. On motors and control panels, DEA SYSTEM warrants the absence of any vices and/or defects for 24 months as from the manufacturing date printed on the original label.

If the possible Customers’ objections as to the existence of vices/defects in the products are well-founded and accepted by DEA SYSTEM in the warranty period, DEA SYSTEM shall repair for free or, at its sole discretion, shall substitute the viced/defective products for manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover return/shipping costs to be incurred by the Customer for sending and receiving of materials repaired/replaced, according to the agreed delivery terms. 

It is agreed that the warranty here above is limited to the vices/defects of the products expressly acknowledged and accepted by DEA SYSTEM, it being understood that any other injury, damage or expense of any nature incurred by the Customer is excluded.

All products that are replaced will remain the property of DEA SYSTEM.

DEA SYSTEM will not take into account complaints about the quality of the products, when the relevant products have been sold as second-standard ones, or under special conditions, or when the relevant products have been repaired by third parties without the prior consent of DEA SYSTEM. 

Any claim or dispute arising from a single product will not exempt the Customer from the obligation to collect the remaining amount of products, in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions of delivery. 

6.2 Under penalty of cancellation of the warranty, the Customer shall notify in writing, by registered letter with return receipt, the found vices/defects within and no later than 8 (eight) days as from the delivery date, or, in case of hidden vices/defects, within and no later than 8 (eight) days as from the date of the relevant discovery. The burden of the proof as to the date of the discovery shall be borne by the Customer.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, all other ancillary expenses related to the substitution operations shall be borne by the Customer, who shall also take assume any related risks.

6.3 The warranty shall be excluded if the vices and/or the defects communicated by the Customer have been determined by the following causes:

I. The product has not been installed in accordance with the instruction manual provided by DEA SYSTEM; more precisely, without limitation of the foregoing, DEA SYSTEM shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for failure to observe the assembly instructions and/or or the electrical connection instructions and/or for failure to observe other specific regulations applicable at the moment of the installation and/or when accessories and mechanical parts of DEA SYSTEM have been installed, used or connected without respecting the intended circuit diagram and the intended types of connection;

II. The product is not used in conformity with its intended purpose or its operating limits, as specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation supplied with the product itself;

III. Non-original DEA SYSTEM parts have been used for the installation of the motor;

IV. Failures are due to tampering or improper repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel and/or by professionally unqualified personnel;

V. Failures are caused by improper use or negligent use;

VI. Lack of routine maintenance as specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation supplied with the product itself;

VII. External factors such as electric shock, tampering even accidental, bumps and drops even accidental, exposure to moisture or steam, use in extreme thermal or environmental conditions, floods or other natural disasters;

VIII. Removal or voluntary cancellation of the serial number.

IX. Storage and/or safekeeping of the products in places and/or with modalities inadequate for their perfect conservation;

X. Any other cause which cannot be ascribed to DEA SYSTEM.

The repair or replacement of parts during the warranty period does not extend the expiry date of the guarantee. DEA SYSTEM will not award any compensation for the period of inactivity of the product.

6.4 DEA SYSTEM shall accept, the return of defective products it being understood that the Customer shall bear all expenses and shall be the sole person responsible for the delivery in DEA SYSTEM premises in Piovene Rocchette (Vicenza, Italy), Via della Tecnica no. 6, and provided that DEA SYSTEM previously authorizes the same delivery by agreeing on the return method; in case of non-compliance, the returned products will be rejected.

Returned goods shall carry the corresponding DEA SYSTEM form properly filled in with item code, manufacturing date and a short description of each product failure.


7.1 In no circumstances shall DEA SYSTEM be liable towards the Client or third parties for any damages, whether direct or indirect, to anyone or anything (including animals) attributed to the utilisation of the product for a purpose inappropriate to its original purpose and/or capacity, and/or when the product is used beyond its maximum load, or when the interruption of the product’s use is forced, as well as when the damage is a consequence of the non-compliance to any provisions set out in the instruction manual, with particular reference to the installation, usage and safety warnings.

7.2 Without prejudice of Article 19, DEA SYSTEM draws the attention of the Customer to its obligations under the applicable law and in particular the obligations it has under Health and Safety legislation. DEA SYSTEM shall not have any responsibility in relation thereto nor shall it be liable in any way for any damage caused to anyone or anything (including animals) attributed to the incorrect and/or insufficient information to the final customer with reference to the technical features, the instruction manual, the installation, the usage, the maintenance, the safety warnings of the resold products.


8.1 The Customer does not have the right to re-sell, and/or transfer the product to third parties and/or give the product as guarantee without first having paid the entire price due to DEA SYSTEM.

8.2 Should the delivered products be affected by possible enforcement measures taken by third parties, notwithstanding their proper names, the Customer shall immediately communicate it to DEA SYSTEM by registered letter. Lacking said communication, DEA SYSTEM shall have the right to terminate the Contract with immediate effect, retaining the amounts already paid as a penalty and without prejudice to DEA SYSTEM ‘s right to claim for further damages.


9.1 The marketed products bear the registered trademark DEA SYSTEM®. DEA SYSTEM expressly prohibits the Customer to use/exploit/market the trademark for purposes other than this contract, except when previously authorized in writing by DEA SYSTEM. For the same reason, DEA SYSTEM reserves the right to inhibit the use of the trademark in case of violation of this prohibition and/or in case of lacking payment of the price by the Customer, and in any other case in which the Customer’s use is illegal, both in off-line and/or on-line modalities.

9.2 DEA SYSTEM is the proprietor of all the technical and operational information, as well as of any information relating to the product, which is intended to be used only for the execution of this Contract. For this reason, DEA SYSTEM prohibits the relevant dissemination to third parties. 

 9.3 The Customer who has become aware of any counterfeiting, imitation, illegal/wrong use of the trademark and/or of the commercial names shall immediately communicate it to DEA SYSTEM. 


Any taxes, tariffs, duties, customs, fees, tolls, licenses, authorizations, leaves and/or other fiscal and/or customs and/or administrative burdens, notwithstanding their names, provided for by the law of the Country in which the products are imported and/or by the law of the Country in which the products will be resold, are completely and exclusively borne by the Customer, without prejudice to the provisions of the agreed term.


11.1 Without prejudice to the Customer’s contractual freedom, DEA SYSTEM suggests that the Customer uses the recommended retail price contained in the DEA SYSTEM price list. 

11.2 Due to the technical and operational features of the products and to the installation/maintenance/safety provisions, DEA SYSTEM draws the Customer attention to the need to ascertain that the third parties operating on the product have the adequate professional qualification. If the Customer fails in this responsibility, DEA SYSTEM shall not be responsible for any claim howsoever arising either from the Customer or a third party.


Any extras subsequently ordered will be subject to these terms and conditions. The modalities of delivery of extras shall be as agreed between DEA SYSTEM and the Customer.


This Contract shall not be assigned by the Customer in whole or in part without the prior written consent of DEA SYSTEM. 

DEA SYSTEM reserves the right to assign this Contract in whole or in part on prior notification to the Customer.