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Gatepower specialises in Automatic Driveway Gates, Intercom systems and Access Control across Melbourne.


Whether you need to automate existing driveway gates, or are looking to start from scratch, Gatepower is the first place to look for your gate automation needs. We have many years’ experience supplying and installing electric gates, driveway gates, automatic gates, remote gates and solar powered driveway gates, all at very competitive prices.

We can provide you with all the gate hardware you need to complete an installation, or we can install it for you. Automatic gates, electric gates, sliding gates, swing gates, cantilever gates, solar gates, security gates, pedestrian gates, farm gates, DIY gates, telescopic gates, rising hinged gates, automatic screens / skylights, gate hardware and anything that needs to open or move, can easily be installed by our professional and qualified staff.

We are also experts when it comes to access control and intercom system installations in Melbourne. From standalone keypad systems to web controlled installations, we have a variety of GSM systems available.

All the hardware and control elements we use are of the highest quality, saving you money over the long term and relief from constant service visits. We are a distributor for Centsys, a South African based company with distributors and installers in over 50 countries, with unmatched service and support for its products. We also use some local products from Automatic Technology Australia (ATA) and a handful of other companies, local and international. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us

What type of gate opening should I choose?

Automatic gates may require different opening systems like swing gates, sliding gates, cantilever gates, etc. based on various factors such as the size and shape of the opening, the level of security needed, and the surrounding environment. For example, swing gates are commonly used for small to medium-sized openings and provide a traditional look. Sliding gates, on the other hand, are ideal for wider openings as they move horizontally and do not require extra space for the gate to swing open.

Here at Gatepower, we can recommend the best opening system to suit your needs.

Click Here To See All The Different Options For Gate Openings

What Type of Gate Finishes Can I Choose?

When selecting the finish for your automatic gate, there are several options to choose from including blade, fins, slats, tubular, and louvres. Each of these finishes offers a unique look and style to your gate and can complement the aesthetic of your property. Blade finishes provide a clean and simple look, while fins offer a more decorative touch. Slats and louvres are versatile options that can work well with a variety of architectural styles and can provide privacy when needed. Tubular finishes are ideal for those who want a minimalist look while still maintaining a modern feel. The most important factor when choosing the finish for your automatic gate is to consider the style and architecture of your property and choose a finish that complements and enhances it. Additionally, consider factors such as durability, maintenance, and cost before making a final decision.

Alternatively, you can choose an original laser cut design that offers something completely unique. Click here to find out more about this option

To see the standard options, please choose from the options below

  • Fin Gates
  • Slat Gates
  • Batten Gates
  • Louvres Gates
  • Tubular Gates
  • CNC/Laser Cut Gates


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