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Does your electric or automatic gates or gate motor need a service?

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The more photos and information we receive, the better. We are trying to make the process as efficient as possible by getting your gate operational as quickly as possible. The above information gives us the best chance of diagnosing the issue accurately, bringing parts that may need replacing, and hopefully saving you money by minimising our time on-site.

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Standard single sliding gate
These operators run off the battery. If power has been removed and the battery is flat, it will not work. Even if the power is plugged in, it will not work until the battery has sufficient charge. For these brands, if the power has been removed, try the following: Plug power in, reset breaker or turn power back on Wait 1 hour Operate the manual over ride and close the gate/s. Use the manual over-ride to put the gate back into automatic mode (you should not be able to manually push the gate) Try to operate the gate through any of your gate opening devices. (remote/keypad/tags etc..) If the gate has shown improvement, the battery may need further charging. Repeat the process above, give the battery longer to charge. If the gate does nothing, the battery probably needs replacing.

Upload photos (multiple upload option). Please upload in particular photos of motors, control enclosures with stickers/branding included.

If the gate is stuck in the open position, do you have photocell sensors attached to the system? If so, please ensure the covers are clean and not obstructed.