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Boom Gates & Cantilever Boom Gates Melbourne

If you are looking for car park security and access control, you have come to the right place. Our automatic parking boom gate barriers offer effective vehicular access control to car park’s or any installation. As well as car park boom gates we can also provide traffic lights, road spikes, chain barriers, bollards, loop detectors and all the associated accessories.

We use quality equipment that outperforms the rest. Our favourite traffic barrier, the Centsys Sector II, has an opening speed of 1.2 seconds (3m version), in built battery backup with LCD screen for setup and diagnostics. A barrier ideal for combining our entry and exit equipment. Also compatible with ticket dispensers / readers, offering complete access control on your parking lot.

Another range of boom gates we like to install is from BFT. They have a range of different operators to suit your application. From super intensive 3 phase motors with oil bath gearboxes, through to 24V DC low voltage options. BFT also offer some pole accessories like bump strips and LED light options. The BFT Michelangelo can cater for openings up to 8m wide.

All The Barriers we install are made for high use applications. With a stylish and sophisticated design, these barriers comprise of a steel body resistant to all kinds of weather, with a powdercoat finish.

Operation of a boom gate is usually achieved by a manned security station, keypads, remote, mobile app control or sensors. When your business or facility is expecting a large amount of traffic, these fast operators allow traffic to flow as quickly as possible. Due to the barriers being an off the shelf item, they are a cost effective approach to traffic control.

After we know the requirements of the system, one of our team can put forward a proposal explaining what equipment is required, and the various options in terms of operation. We will discuss how each type of operator works with your particular security plan and will help you choose the best option.

Cantilever Boom Gates: Anti Vandal / High-Security Boom Gate

Cantilever Boom gates are ideal when high security and/or vandalism needs to be taken into consideration. These carry a heavy-duty steel pole and can not be damaged easily. The pole secures into a catch guide, that ensures it can not be forced open manually. These setups do require side room for the pole to retract. Unlike a traditional boom gate where the pole rises, these retract , similar to a sliding gate. Adequate side room is required, though height restrictions do not need to be accounted for.

Ideal for car parks, sporting grounds, parks, industrial entrances.

The Gatepower C-Boom 9 is suitable for entrances with up to a 9m opening. It is driven by the Centsys D5Evo, with battery backup included. The Pole comes in a gal finish, support posts are available in powder-coat finish, or hot dip gal finish.


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