image of gate that has beem automated after install

Residential Automate Existing Gates

Gatepower specialises in the automation of existing gates. There are a few things that need to be considered first!

Automate your swing gates?

The gate should swing freely in both directions at all times. The gate must move throughout its arc without any binding in the hinges or dragging on the ground. Posts should be firm in the ground and not move.

We definitely recommend steel posts though if the existing posts are solid, we can use timber posts. We cannot guarantee posts that we have not installed, though we will give our honest opinion as to whether they will be suitable. In some situations we will recommend the installation of new steel posts with appropriate footings.

If a gate has a wheel supporting its weight this must be removed. If the hinges are stiff, loosely fitted or rusty they too may need replacing. This is usually quite a cheap process which will ensure motor longevity. Any drop bolts, locks etc will have to be removed, and we recommend using a centre stop wherever possible.

Some larger gates we will also recommend an electric (magnetic or drop bolt type) lock to secure your gates in the closed position and prevent any rocking which over time will cause certain components to fail. For swing gates we also need a minimum of 100mm side room for linear operators, more for articulated arm type operators.

Automate your sliding gate?

The sliding gate should move without any obvious mechanical friction from start to finish. The floor track needs to be secured properly and have a solid foundation to fix to. The guide system needs to operate smoothly. Physical end stops should be at each end of the gate, both opening and closing limits.

There also needs to be adequate clearance for the gear rack and the motor needs a foundation/plate to be bolted to.


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