Fin (also called blade) style is generally a welded frame/gate with welded fins on the front of the frame. Fins are a slat, secured via the thin side of the section to the frame. Example: 50×10 RHS is welded to the frame via the 10mm surface. The fins are relatively thin and the spacings are generally much wider than a batten design. As an example a standard 90 degree fin approach would be 50×10 with a 50mm gap – so 83% transparency front on. The transparency changes as you view the fence on an angle, and that is where the depth of the fins come in, giving a unique effect and good privacy looking at it from an angle.

Another popular fin approach is ‘angled fin’. We angle the fins (usually around 45 degrees). Using the angled fin approach will give much more privacy, we would usually aim for around a 10mm front on gap as a standard (though give or take to suit the customer’s needs). Front on this might equate to roughly 18% transparent, though it will also give total block out one way looking at it on a 45 degree angle, and around 70% transparency looking the other way (give or take depending on actual spacings, fin sizing and angle). These are great for limited privacy front on, full block out one way on a 45 degree angle and mostly transparent looking at it from the opposing 45 degree angle.

Fins can also be set at varied centres to match your particular project. Generally gaps range from 35mm to 110mm. Standard fin gap would be 50-60mm. Please see some examples below.

Style of Fin

Fin's give a modern sleek look, with interesting effect due to the depth. Although front on they generally offer a quite transparent look, looking on an angle they block out vision. Angled fins offer great privacy.

Face Welded Fins (Standard)

The fins sit on the face of the frame. Can be done at varied centres, with a range of fin sizes available

Angled Fin

Fins are face welded to the frame (or inset into frame) and welded on the edge, angled. These provide great privacy.

Exposed Frame Fin

Fins are set inside the frame. Can be straight fins or angled.

Run Through

The Fence rails run through the middle of the blades at 90 degrees


The blades secured directly to a flat bar at the bottom. No visible rails. Can be done at varied angles. Gives a real sleek look, though depending on the height required, fins need to be solid enough to cater for this cantilever styled approach

Vertical or Horizontal

Common Sizes

Size 1: 50x10 RHS
Size 2: 65x16 RHS
Any flat bar available


Spacings vary to suit your individual job. Standard is between 50-60mm. Closest gap we have done is around 35mm, largest gap around 110mm.

Framing Sizes

Wide range of sizes that can be used for the frame. 50x50 is the most common.

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