Slat fencing is generally a welded frame/gate with spot welded slats on the front of the frame or internal to the frame. Unlike fins, the larger surface makes contact with the frame. example: 65×16 slat is welded to the frame via the 65mm surface. The slats are popular for giving good privacy and the spacings are usually between 7-15mm.

As an example a standard 65×16 slat with 7mm gap approach would give less than 10% transparency. A modern cost effective look that provides good privacy.

Slats can be set at varied centres to match your particular project. Generally gaps range from 7mm to 15mm. Please see some examples below.

Style of Slat

Slats give a modern look, and provide privacy.

Exposed frame slat

Slats are secured inside the frame, with the outer frame being exposed.

Face welded slat

Slats are secured to the face of the frame. No frame is seen from the front.

Vertical or Horizontal

Common Sizes

Size 1: 50x10
Size 2: 65x16
Size 3: 100x16


Custom spacings available from 7mm and up

Framing Sizes

Various frame sizes are available. 50x50 the most common frame size.

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