Batten fencing is generally a welded frame/gate with spot welded battens on the front of the frame. The battens are thicker than your standard fin style and the spacings are generally much tighter. Like fins, the battens usually have unequal sides, and the thinner edge is secured to the frame.
As an example, a standard batten approach would be 38×25 battens with a 25mm gap, 25mm side of the batten secured to the frame, 38mm of depth. 50% transparency front on.

Battens can be set at varied centres to match your particular project. Generally gaps range from 25mm to 45mm. Please see some examples below.

Style of Batten

Battens give a modern, solid look, with interesting effect due to the depth. They provide some privacy front on, and good privacy from an angled view.

Exposed Frame Batten


Vertical or Horizontal

Common Sizes

Size 1: 38x25
Size 2: 50x25
Size 3: 75x25
Size 4: 100x25


Custom spacings available (Standard spacing approximately 25-45mm)

Framing Sizes

Range of different framing options available. 50x50 SHS most common.

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