Architectural Gates & CNC Cut Gates

Architectural gates refers to anything custom. We are constantly receiving inquiries to produce gates and screens that don’t fit into any of our standard types. Some with different materials, different material sizing, different spacings, etc. Any design you can think of, we can help produce and come up with a practical way to install it.

Technically, everything we produce is architectural; no two jobs are identical. Nothing we do is ‘off the shelf’. Even our standard designs like Fins, Slats, Louvres etc.. can be produced with a variety of different materials, with spacings and sizing customised to suit your particular job.

Aesthetic Value and Security

Automatic gates are a popular architectural design feature for many homeowners. They not only provide an extra layer of security to your property but also add aesthetic value to your home. These gates come in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from traditional wrought iron to modern aluminium or steel. They can be customized to match the overall style and colour of your home, creating a cohesive and attractive appearance. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your home, an automatic gate can also increase its value, as it is seen as a desirable and convenient feature by potential buyers. With the added security and improved curb appeal, investing in an automatic gate can be a smart and worthwhile decision for homeowners looking to add value to their property.

If you have an idea for a one-off design, be it from you or your architect, send it through and we will find a way to make it happen.


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