Body Corp / Apartment Complex Gates Melbourne

Installing automatic controlled gates in body corporate premises is a wise investment that can provide numerous benefits to the building and its occupants. Automatic gates offer an added layer of security by restricting access to the building to authorised personnel only. This can help to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the premises, which can be especially important in residential buildings where residents may have concerns about their safety.

In addition to providing increased security, automatically controlled gates can also improve the convenience of access to the building. Residents and visitors can easily enter and exit the premises without the need to manually open and close gates. This can be especially beneficial during inclement weather or when carrying heavy items. Additionally, automatic gates can be programmed to open and close at set times, which can help to regulate access to the building and ensure that only authorised individuals are entering at certain times.

Another benefit of installing automatically controlled gates in body corporate premises is the potential to increase the value of the property. Automatic gates are a desirable feature for many prospective buyers or tenants, and can help to make the property more attractive to potential occupants.

Overall, installing automatically controlled gates in body corporate premises can provide numerous benefits, including increased security, improved convenience, and increased property value. By investing in this type of technology, building owners and managers can enhance the safety and convenience of their buildings, and improve the overall appeal of the property.

Some other items that are increasingly popular when it comes to body corp / apartment complexes, are GSM intercoms and Automatic pedestrian gates:

Automatic Pedestrian Gates: These are becoming the gate of choice due to the reliability of motors vs hydraulic closers, and also the reduced noise when closing due to the superior speed control. For more information, click here

GSM Intercom Systems: With old apartment buildings, a common issue is old, damaged and thin wiring that is unsuitable for todays modern intercom systems. Running cable is expensive, and not so easy to conceal once the building is built. GSM intercoms operate wirelessly through the mobile phone network. They are super reliable, very cheap, and are available with in-built functionality like automatic timers, keypad and proximity tags. Select the apartment, press the call button, and the GSM intercom will let you answer and let in people from your mobile phone, anywhere in the world! For more information click here


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