Commercial GSM and Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom, IP intercom and GSM intercom

Intercom Systems are now a commonplace item being installed in conjunction with Automatic gates to allow visitors to communicate with residents, and access to be provided from the residence. If you want the front of your residential or commercial property secure, an intercom system is a must.

Intercom systems allow you to see who is at your gate and communicate without having to actually open your gate or door. You then have the option to give access from the indoor station. This obviously enhances the security of your property by allowing only authorized people to enter.

There are 3 main types of intercom systems we install:

  1. Wired Video Intercom – Wired video intercoms are a very popular, cost effective and reliable option. This is a standalone system that can connect to your gate. Wire connects the door station, gate(s) and indoor monitor, and allows you to see, talk to and allow guests entry from your indoor monitor(s).
  2. IP Video Intercom – IP intercoms appear to operate the same as wired video intercoms, except the intercom door stations and video monitors all connect to a centralised POE (power over ethernet) switch for power and digital video & audio data transmission between the intercom door stations and video monitors. IP intercoms allow both parties to talk at the same time, just like a standard wired video intercom. Video is high definition, and audio quality is crystal clear. What IP systems also allow on top of what a standard wired system can do is:
    • Superior audio & video transmission
    • Ability to integrate with IP camera systems
    • Smart device (mobile phone / tablet) integration
  3. GSM Intercom Systems – GSM intercom systems are devices that use the global system for mobile communication (GSM) network to provide voice and data communication.  When someone presses the intercom button, the device sends a call to the registered mobile device, allowing property owners to speak with the person outside their property. A very popular and reliable choice when it comes to apartment buildings, or even situations where the distance from the front of the property to the gate entrance, is too far or too complicated in terms of running cable. A SIM card is required for operation. These units come in a variety of options, though some of the in-built functionality available:
    • Wireless, reliable, intercom functionality via the GSM network. You can talk to and allow entry to people on the other side of the planet!
    • Ability to link in to hundreds of apartments from a single unit.
    • Keypad
    • Proximity card / tag
    • Automatic timers (that automatically adjust to daylight savings)
    • Restricted / time barred entry
    • App control (use and programming)
    • Ability to open your gate from a phone call or text message
    • Access to the log file that records all events related to client applications and user access

Access Control and Accessories

Access control is controlling access to a certain area(s). Whether it be via login credentials (passwords), PIN numbers through keypads, GSM, bluetooth, remote control, swipe cards/electronic tags and physical keys.

It is also related to not just controlling certain areas, though giving access to those areas at authorized times, and potentially logging all activity.

Some of the devices involved with access control:

  1. Automatic doors & gates
  2. Photocell sensors
  3. Radar and Laser sensors
  4. Keypads
  5. Swipe card systems
  6. Long range readers
  7. Loop Detectors
  8. PLC’s – custom programmed logic
  9. Reed and Limit switches
  10. Install and setup of timers
  11. GSM access control
  12. Bluetooth access control
  13. Electric locking systems – electric strikes, magnetic locks and electric drop bolts

At Gatepower we install a range of different intercoms and different types of access control to suit your specific needs.


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