Automatic Bollards Melbourne

Bollards are important to regulate traffic and manage parking facilities for vehicles of all types. Gatepower can arrange the supply and installation of your required bollards. Be it basic manual type Bollards, Automatic Bollards or even Bollards with the capability of stopping vehicles.

Automatic Bollards:

There is a wide range of options when it comes to selecting an automatic bollard. We can provide an extensive range of bollards suitable for a variety of purposes. Our bollard range is suitable for both public and private environments.

Some of the variables to consider when choosing an automatic bollard:

  1. Diameter
  2. Shaft height
  3. Rise time
  4. Breaking resistance (force required to ‘break’ the bollard – car park or anti-terror?)
  5. Operations per day
  6. Controller selection – No. of barriers
  7. Finish: Including paint and LED display

Our 4 main Bollard ranges:

BFT Pillar B – Hydraulic Bollard: 240V hydraulic bollard for very intensive use suitable for high-security places (airports, barracks, street markets and so forth). Stainless steel version available.


BFT STOPPY B – Electromechanical Bollard: 240V electromechanical bollard for semi-intensive

BFT STOPPY MBB – Electromechanical bollards for intensive use. 240V electromechanical bollard for intensive use, suitable for urban areas thanks to the lights situated on the cap and special seals to prevent ingress of debris into the casing

BFT XPASS B 330/1200 – 240V hydraulic anti-terrorism bollard, tested and certified by an independent body. Stainless steel version available

Manual Bollards:

Manual bollards are available in 2 configurations – Surface mount and In-Ground. Removable Bollards are also available, in both surface mount and in-ground options. Standard bollard sizes range from 90-140mm diameter, in a powdercoat or Stainless steel finish.

Surface Mount – Surface mount bollards are secured to a suitable footing via fasteners

In-Ground – In-Ground bollards are concreted in ground

Removable – Removable bollards can be unlocked with a key, and removed/inserted as required. These are available in both surface and In-ground


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