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Intercom Systems – Video Intercom Systems

Gate Intercom Systems including popular Video Intercom Systems Today are being installed by those concerned about the security of either your family or your business is essential in today’s times. We need to be able to monitor who is coming in and going out at all times, and for this an intercom system is essential. Intercom systems allow you to see who is at your gate and communicate without having to actually open your gate or door. You then have the option to give access from the indoor station. This obviously enhances the security of your property by allowing only authorized people to enter.

Access Control

Access control is controlling access to certain areas. Whether it be via login credentials (passwords), PIN numbers through keypads, biometric, bluetooth, remote control, swipe cards/electronic keys and physical keys.

It is also related to not just controlling certain areas, though giving access to those areas at authorized times, and potentially logging all activity.

Some of the devices involved with access control:

  1. Automatic doors & gates
  2. Photocell sensors
  3. Keypads
  4. Swipe card systems
  5. Long range readers
  6. Loop Detectors
  7. Traffic lights – car park control
  8. Reed switches
  9. Door closers
  10. Install and setup of timers
  11. GSM access control
  12. Bluetooth access control
  13. Electric locking systems – electric strikes, magnetic locks and electric bolt locks
  14. Biometric access control

At Gatepower we install a range of different intercoms and different types of access control to suit your specific needs.