Sectional Sliding Gates

Sectional Sliding Gates

Sectional Sliding Gates, also known as Radius Corner Sliding Gates or Turning Sliding Gates offer a groundbreaking solution for properties where side space is at a premium. These innovative gate systems, available at Gatepower, redefine convenience, functionality, and aesthetics.

What are Sectional Sliding Gates?

They are sliding gates designed with multiple panels linked by rotating hinges and wheels, all operating on a single track. This unique design allows them to flexibly navigate bends and obstacles, offering a nonlinear approach to sliding gate operation.

Why choose Sectional Sliding Gates?

For starters, they are the perfect solution when you have limited side room for a standard sliding gate. With minimal side room required, Sectional Sliding Gates optimise space without compromising security or style. Additionally, their ability to bend around corners and objects makes them adaptable to various architectural layouts and landscapes.

At Gatepower, we take pride in delivering superior gate solutions. Our Sectional Sliding Gates provide a harmonious blend of security, convenience, and elegance. With a single motor driving all the panels to retract the same way, you can expect smooth and reliable operation every time.

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