Vert-x and vantage linear operators


There is an awed hush as Michael Blackman, one of CENTSYS’s chief mechanical engineers, turns to face the crowd, having just donned blue doctors’ scrubs and taking the cordless drill that is to be his surgical tool, in his right hand. The vibrant chatter that has hitherto filled the training room at the company’s corporate head office in North Riding, suddenly subsides and the very air becomes pregnant with anticipation. One gets the distinct feeling that something very, very significant is about to take place.

And with good reason, for in a few short moments, CENTSYS’s two brand new linear swing gate operators – VERT-X and VANTAGE – will be introduced to an eager public. The demonstration is to be presented in the style of a surgical dissection and, as the cover that has been obscuring the first of the two operators to go under the drill is lifted, there is a craning of necks and several nods of approval from the audience.

Michael begins the presentation (aptly titled ‘The Anatomy of Excellence’) by giving a brief overview of the VERT-X – CENTSYS’s new linear swing gate motor for domestic gates – before initiating the dissection process, starting with the optimised design of the packaging and concluding with the operator lying fully dissected on the operating table before him. Along the way, he pauses several times to highlight the myriad mechanical improvements – the simplified construction, the custom-made seals for improved water ingress protection, the Grade 304 stainless steel wormshaft – that have made this operator the best that swing gate automation has to offer.

Next, it’s the VANTAGE’s turn to go under the drill, and Michael again looks every bit the part of the skilled surgeon as he splits the casing to reveal the marvels of engineering that lie beneath this titan’s tough-as-nails exoskeleton. ‘Stronger. Superior. Secure’ the VANTAGE’s slogan proudly declares, and its robust rectangular extrusion (anodised for greater corrosion protection) and Grade 304 stainless steel piston tube lend credence to this bold statement. With its incredibly durable casing manufactured from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminium, the VANTAGE very much looks the part of the powerful light-industrial operator.

There’s a rare sort of poetry contained within both of these operators, in the subtle blending of rugged tenacity and sweet aesthetics. They embody gentle simplicity processed through industrial sensibilities for the perfect combination of function and form.


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