Supa security with the supahelix access controller

Supa Security with the SupaHelix

In nature, the ‘helix’ shape is most commonly associated with DNA, considered to be one of the chief building blocks of all life forms. One of the reasons that DNA is helical, is to protect its constituent parts from being absorbed by water, thus providing them with ‘security’.

In much the same way, the CENTSYS SupaHelix multi-user access control and monitoring system is built for complete security. With three secure remote learning modes as well as detailed logging of transactions, the SupaHelix offers total control and total peace of mind.

Add to this secure code-hopping technology, and what you’ve got is multi-user access control at its most robust. The SupaHelix is designed to only work with CENTSYS’s NOVA range of code-copping remote controls, ensuring that your every button press is protected by our tried and tested encryption system.

What is code-hopping technology?

Every time you press your remote control button, the remote sends out a code which is read and decoded by a receiver (such as the one onboard on the SupaHelix), which in turn elicits some response, for example activating a relay connected to a gate motor. Code-hopping technology is a code transmission system that ensures that every code transmitted is randomly different from the one before.

What is the benefit of this technology?

In short: it is much more secure than fixed-coded or dipswitch type remotes and receivers. Criminals have devised ways of ‘grabbing’ codes using sophisticated devices that enable them to clone remotes and gain access to properties. This is not possible with code-hopping systems since the code changes every time the remote button is pressed, thus providing you with a means of outsmarting even the most resourceful of criminals. It’s sort of like the Roadrunner to crime’s Wile E. Coyote.

Above: Beep, beep

Think of it as playing some sort of board game (the Game of Life, perhaps) with Crime as your opponent, but you are equipped with a set of billion-sided dice while every frustrated throw by your opponent produces a plane with the same number of pips (yep, that’s what those dots are called). Snake eyes, my friend, snake eyes.

Click here to see a YouTube clip of CENTSYS code-hopping technology in action.

When it comes to access control, we’ve seen the shape of things to come, and it’s a helix. SupaHelix.


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